The Meeting with The Mayor

The 21st Home Stay Program Members had a meeting with the mayor of Tatsuno.

Mr Kasuga and 8 students explained about the program.

I've herd that the program was quite different from the other times, so I was very wondering about their experiences before hearing them.
But now I'm sure understood they got flexibility from the program.

After the meeting many questions were given for them from news writers.


Pizza Party of T.I.A.

We had a roll play English study and pizza party on Saturday Jan. 23.
We got some native speakers' help for it.

We  made 5 groups with all foreigners and students, and TIA directors joined in the groups and they had conversations together.
In each groups the foreigners pretended as a school teacher , host father , shop master or others.
Each 2 students were rotating around groups for conversation training.

After lessons we had a pizza party.

We do thank you to Mary Aruga, Anthony Gordon, Shaneece Johnson, Alex Theeack, Nigel Hay.


Tatsuno International Association  the 20th Anniversary Ceremony

Tatsuno International Association had the 20th anniversary ceremony in the Tatsuno Town Hall on 23rd Nov.

 TIA was started for the purpose of the friendship interchange with Waitomo District in NZ and the citizen-based town planning appropriate for the gloalization era in April 1995. We continue carrying out a wide activity like Junior high student home stay program (at Waitomo in NZ). The video of the recording scene for the CD  20th anniversary memory song that Tatsuno Junior High School chorus sings was shown.

The panel discussion was performed with three home stay experienced students.


English Speech Contest ~by Junior high school students

The English Speech Contest by junior high school students took place on 26th of September. That is the 14th in the period to this year.

 Students who practiced for this day spoke out about there hobbies, club activities, favorite subjects with enthusiasm.
And,3 students got the honors.
1st prize Ryoske Ozawa
2nd prize Issei Komatsu
3rd prize Aimi Nebashi

After the contest, there was the interview for the Home Stay Program. We will disclose the result soon.


The Delegation from Waitomo

We welcomed 22 person from Waitomo NZ. We sheared rooms for THE WAITOMO DELEGATION 2015.Tatsuno Town and T.I.A. planed many activities for them.
We could have wonderful times with them.
Let me explain  by some photos.

We had the welcome party on Jun 10.

Welcome party again on Jun 11 at the SHIDAREGURI FOREST PARK.

Mayor Brian Hanna greeted at the commemorative ceremony.

Ka kite ano
See you again !!


The Cheer Meeting for Exchanging Students

We T.I.A. Tatsuno International Association had the cheer meeting for exchanging students in March 7.

The 8 Jr-Hi Students were cheer greeted by Mayor Kashima and the VIP of the town and Principals.

The students greeted by English and Japanese.
They explained what do they want to do in Te-Kuiti.

And showed the performances: chorus and dance.

They'll leave Tatsuno on May 20.



TIA's activity the ORIENTATION for the Jr-Hi students'  HOMESTAY PROGRAM has finished 8 times, and the 8th ORIENTATION was group conversation with 3 assistants and Mary-sensei on Sep. 8th.

We divided the students to 4 groups.
The 4 tutors hold each themes and group members will talk about the themes and rotate  after 10 or 15 minutes.
        Mary group's theme is "Future, Hope"
        Alan's one is " Hobby, Favorite things"
        Anthony's one is "Family, Friends"
       and  James' is "School,  Subjects, Club activities"

They were talking almost 1.5 hours, and had a Pizza Party after it.

The final orientation will be hold on 21st.
We'll try self-introduction.
They'll leave Japan on Mar 20.