The Cheer Meeting for Exchanging Students

We T.I.A. Tatsuno International Association had the cheer meeting for exchanging students in March 7.

The 8 Jr-Hi Students were cheer greeted by Mayor Kashima and the VIP of the town and Principals.

The students greeted by English and Japanese.
They explained what do they want to do in Te-Kuiti.

And showed the performances: chorus and dance.

They'll leave Tatsuno on May 20.



TIA's activity the ORIENTATION for the Jr-Hi students'  HOMESTAY PROGRAM has finished 8 times, and the 8th ORIENTATION was group conversation with 3 assistants and Mary-sensei on Sep. 8th.

We divided the students to 4 groups.
The 4 tutors hold each themes and group members will talk about the themes and rotate  after 10 or 15 minutes.
        Mary group's theme is "Future, Hope"
        Alan's one is " Hobby, Favorite things"
        Anthony's one is "Family, Friends"
       and  James' is "School,  Subjects, Club activities"

They were talking almost 1.5 hours, and had a Pizza Party after it.

The final orientation will be hold on 21st.
We'll try self-introduction.
They'll leave Japan on Mar 20.


May His Soul Be Forever

A very important person has disappeared for Tatsuno International Association and Tatsuno-Town.
Mr. Nobuya Kinase the former professor of the Honan College.

He was destroying physical condition, moved to a hospital from a home for the aged and was getting medical treatment from November 14 of last year, but it's said that he passed away for pneumonia at 1:40am January 4.

I heard that his ashes are kept in KOUTOKURIN-JI temple  in Yanaka until 49 days in act of charity, so I dropped in at Yanaka in the 12th and burned incense for the repose of a departed soul.

I'll wish for rest in peace.


Volunteer Center Autumn Festival

We T.I.A. is one of a  registered group of the TATSUNO VOLUNTEER CENTER.
And the group has a festival in every fall.
T.I.A. open a shop of ODEN and AMAZAKE.

ODEN is a popular food of Japan. ODEN is a food like Japanese pot-au-feu, with boiled Japanese radish, fishcake tubes, eggs, konnyaku, etc. with the soup of a soy sauce base. AMAZAKE ...mmm it's difficult to explain for me.
Please check it bellow .

We could see many performances in and out side of the center.

We can enjoy autumn color for a while ..... before terrible winter :-)


Japanese Speech Contest & English Speech Contest

 We had a Japanese speech contest by foreigners and English speech contest by junior high school students at Tatsuno Volunteer Center. 

There were the application of 8 people for Japanese speech contest by foreigners and 18 people for English speech contest by junior high students. The people of three countries from China, Korea and the United States gave a speech in fluent Japanese. Most of foreign students study while working part-time. It was great one of Chinese students wants to make Japan-China relations better.

We hope this program will help the young people in Japan and China to understand each other better and so improve Japan-China relations in the long term. I think significance of Japanese speech contest is to have junior high students know the figure their studying Japanese hard. There is the great trouble in learning a foreing language in the same way but the the thing to get is something of value. Thank you for taking out precious time for us. Everybody admired both contests were very high level.There is not virtually the order. Participation is more important than winnning. The junior high students who participated with courage were great and continue to do your best.


The young 10 ambassadors came back with much results.

7 Jr-Hi school students and 3 Hi School students left Japan on March 19 and back on 27th.
Jr-Hi students were exchanging at Pukenui Primary and Hi school girls were exchanging at Te-Kuiti Hi School.

They could have excellent experiences at there.


The Cheer Meeting

We T.I.A. had the cheer meeting for exchanging students in March 8.
The 7 Jr.-Hi Students & 3 Hi School Students were cheer greeted by Mayor Kashima and Principals.

The students showed the dance that they will perform at Te-Kuiti Hi School and  Pukenui Primary.  

Tour Agent explained about the home stay. All of them will have a first experience of home staying in NZ.