Waitomo Garden

We TIA cleaned the Waitomo Garden as usual in June.

Several directors gathered at 7 am on June 2, removed the dead leaves and grass in azalea, and shaped them.

There aren't  these large Maori carvings in Japan expect them.
This is also a proof of exchange with the King Country: Waitomo District !
Please drop in when you come to see Firefly.



The 24th General Meeting of T.I.A.

There was a general meeting of Tatsuno International Association.

Twenty three years have passed since the establishment in 1995, and the 24th action plan and budget plan were approved easy soon as usual.
Participants want to listen to the homestay program participants' experiences, so it is better to complete the agenda quickly and move on to the attraction.

With Mr. Ushiyama's commentary,we were able to see a beautiful photo report by a projector.

The homestay program which started from November last year is also one settlement.
From July, we will start recruiting participants for the next program.
Next year, I am planning to participate as an attendance staff member. It will  be the fifth-time's New Zealand for me.

After the meeting we move to the SUSHI Restaurant , and had a apreciate party for Mr.Ushiyama , farwel party for Anthony and welcome party for Tyler.



We Visited The Mayor

Tatsuno town is a sister city with , Waitomo  District in central part of NZ North Island. 2 "Hotaru" and "Hero" tied the town.
When the time  professor Kinase of Honan Corege in Tatsuno Town, met with Les Munro who was the mayor of Waitomo, thay knew that they were the helos of WWⅡ.   Professor Kinase was Zero Pilot, Mr. Munroe was the British Air Force Bombing Head Coll.
The two helos were talking about there town's sight seenery contents , "firefly" and"grow warm" .

Tatsuno Town wanted the event of commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the town administrative enforcement, so the meeting of the two heloes made the sister city rerationship with Tatsuno and Waitomo.
The signing ceremony was held on March 30, 1995 in the Waitomo district, TeKuiti town.
The Jr.Hi School student's Homestay Program project was adopted as the main event of exchange in both towns, and the exchange project continued from March the following year.

This year, a group of six female students from Tatsuno Junior High School, two boys students from Ryo- Ono Junior High School, a total of eight people were organized a visiting team headed by Mr. Ushiyama  Tatsuno Junior High School teacher interacted on March 20 to 29.
In order to report the progress,.we visited Mayor Takei  and Deputy Mayor Yamada at May 11th afternoon.


The 14th Shiromae St. Sakura Festival

April 21
TIA conducted the 14th  Shiromae St. Sakura Festival.

Small shops as a Field and Pork Soup, Indian Curry and Chinese Gyoza dumpling were held, and at the stage performance of Taisho-Koto,  Chorus, Dance, Brass Band were performed.

There were also reports on returning home by students who participated in the 23rd Homestay Program and dancing performances.

Osamu Participated In The Japanese Garden Maintenance Project

TIA Osamu Furuta participated in the maintenance project of the Japanese garden in Los Angeles City, which was implemented as part of the "Overseas Japanese Garden Revitalization Project" conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Citizen Times' Shiojiri version edition was introduced on March 1st page


Cheering Party for the 23nd Waitomo Home-Stay Program Students

Tatsuno International Association held a cheering party for junior high school students participated at the 23nd Waitomo Home-Stay Program on March 10.

The  mayor Mr.Yasuo Takei , the council chairperson Mr. Kiyoshi Iwata , the superintendents of the educational affair attended Mr.Kazunori Miyazawa and some VIP of the town gathered and cheered for the students.

They will leave Narita on the 20th, enter Waitomo on the 23rd. The delegation will  be exchanging at St Joseph's Catholic School with sharing homes for 5 days until the 27th.

A visit at the school of Maniapoto is scheduled and the students' impressions about culture of Maori is interested in from now.


Homestay Program 2018 is being prepared well

The students members of Homestay Program 2018  gathered for a role-play.
Ms. Mary Aruga and 3 ALT pretend host family member, shop staff, school teacher and had conversations with the students. 

After role playing they had a Pizza party with ALTs and TIA staffs.   

Today the students had a practice for the dance performance.
They are looking forward to the departure for Waitomo.