The young 10 ambassadors came back with much results.

7 Jr-Hi school students and 3 Hi School students left Japan on March 19 and back on 27th.
Jr-Hi students were exchanging at Pukenui Primary and Hi school girls were exchanging at Te-Kuiti Hi School.

They could have excellent experiences at there.


The Cheer Meeting

We T.I.A. had the cheer meeting for exchanging students in March 8.
The 7 Jr.-Hi Students & 3 Hi School Students were cheer greeted by Mayor Kashima and Principals.

The students showed the dance that they will perform at Te-Kuiti Hi School and  Pukenui Primary.  

Tour Agent explained about the home stay. All of them will have a first experience of home staying in NZ.



The 19th Jr-Hi Students' and the 5th Hi School Students' HOME STAY PROGRAM are planned with 10 times Orientation meetings.
The 8th meeting had hold as a PIZZA PARTY on Feb 8.
It was heavy snow from the night before.

We had to shovel the snow of the Volunteer Center off first.
The PIZZA PARTY was planned for students to speak by English with foreigners.
Ms. Ariga explain about the party and divide them 3 groups. And 3 ALTs joined to each groups for talk with them.

3ALT Alan, Anthony and Derek assisted us.

Students could have a good time with chatting, pizza, cake and drinks.      


Orientation Report

The 7th Orientation has been held. It was for students' skills of calligraphy.
Mr. Kimihiko Akahane the well known calligrapher of Japan teach them the roots of calligraphy and let them write some foreigner's name by KANJI.

After his lecture, the students were practicing dance performance. 

Next time, we will have a PIZA PARTY !!


Orientation Report

The 4th orientation for the next home stay program was held on 7th Dec. at Tastuno Volunteer Center.
The students learned some Japanese playing : ORIGAMI, OTEDAMA, AYATORI...

TIA directors ware teaching the way of those play with remembering there child age.

Year End Party 2013

We had the year end party in 2013 at a Italian  Restaurant.
The association members and new ALT Alan gathered and had a good time. 
We call these party as "BOHNEN-KAI" in Japanese.
It mean "forget everything of the year" and  to do reset our mind.
We could reset our mind and prepare for the new year !!     

Be happy next year too, all.



The new class has been started.
The students learned how to explain themselves in English from Ms Ariga.

Ms. Ariga's interesting and joyful lessons were started.
We T.I.A. members learn with them too :-)